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Tracking the sun is only one aspect of the Ontrack DXT1 Dual-Axis Tracker. 

Our entire structure is revolutionary. The DXT1 is engineered to maximize resources, energy and opportunity. From the Universal Mounting System where the support assembly is made up of our innovative Integrated Beam (patent pending) to our tracker controls, the DXT1's simple design reduces installation labor and increases structural strength. 

Compared to standard fixed-mounted systems, the DXT1 lets you harvest up to 45% more solar power. You’ll be able to track the sun at adjustable intervals from two seconds to ten minutes, all with a tracking accuracy of up to 0.1degrees. 

Although this efficiency is impressive – and the potential savings are obvious – it’s nothing compared to the engineering that makes it all happen.

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Download DXT1 Brochure & Specifications 

DXT1 brochure 
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  • DXT1 Tracker Specifications
  • Panel Configuration Chart
  • Assembly Diagram
  • Technical Data 
  • Controller Specifications